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A-MEDiCARE is a unified platform of the future designed to offer secure access to a universal healthcare system, provide an easy and convenient means of obtaining health care services, facilitate a means of reducing healthcare costs for both individuals and the government, and mitigate the amount of fraud that wastes healthcare spending year after year. It utilizes machine learning technology, artificial intelligence, and blockchain cryptography to introduce technological innovations within the healthcare industry that not only helps individuals get the healthcare that they need but also helps them prevent having a need to use it through assistive technologies that make it easier to live a healthier and more prosperous life.



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EHR Integration

Your medical records,
at your fingertips.

A lifetime of information
readily available

With A-MEDiCARE, you can login to your account and have access to your medical records from any of your devices at any time. And, with EHR integration, your records are updated in real time and immediately available to you and your doctor.

Track your health to stay on track to a better you.

The goal of health care is to improve your health and extend your life span. With instant access to your medical information, you can review doctor recommendations, view past diagnoses, and even report changes. 

With A-Medicare's built-in health information, you can stay informed on the latest developments and make better decisions on preserving and improving your health.

Built-in features that serve you and your health.

Life is hectic sometimes and it can be difficult to remember everything your doctor or physician advises you to do to improve your health. With A-Medicare's built in AI acting as your personal health assistant, you can get reminders for daily or weekly tasks and easily book an appointment when it comes time for your next check-up. Whether it's a reminder to take a personal home test of your glucose levels or a reminder to schedule a 60-day follow-up appointment with your doctor, A-Medicare helps you stay on top of your health.

Simplified Information

Take the guesswork
out of your medical work.

Get helpful information,
not just medical information.

Today, when you print a medical record, it looks like a cash register receipt. The information is all there, but it is not especially patient-friendly. And if you have a complex health condition, the record can quickly become unwieldy. That’s why A-Medicare utilizes deep learning and A.I. technology to provide a better user experience by “translating” all that information into something more easily understood, all in an effort to help you as a patient better manage your health care.


A holistic view of what's important.

When you need to keep track of multiple conditions that have developed over the years, a holistic health record brings together providers, visits, medications, and lab results, making it easier to keep track of all your health needs.

No Provider? No problem.

A-Medicare is with you the whole way, including those who are just beginning their healthcare journey.  With the A-Medicare platform, you can look for a new provider and shop for healthcare services as you would shop for anything else online.  The platform offers an easy to access directory of doctors, physicians, specialists and other various clinicians. It's a universal database of all the medical provider networks available, making it simple and easy for you to find who you need, what you need, and helps you discover where to find it.  No more multiple website logins, just one, unified database for healthcare with A-Medicare.

Not just for patients,
but for doctors too.

A patient's health is evolving every day. A-Medicare helps clinicians stay ahead of it.

Technology systems should make their jobs easier, not harder.

Simple access to medical records is the keystone for proactive patient-centered care. That’s why throughout A-Medicare’s development, we’ve aimed to solicit the feedback of doctors, physicians, and other various clinicians across the country to design the health care provider’s front-end of A-Medicare with their needs in mind.

Great communication is the basis of any successful relationship.

One of the most critical forms of communication is known in the medical field as Hand-offs and are a necessary part of patient care that carry numerous risk points during the process which can make patients vulnerable. Understanding a patient's H&P and SOAP updates are critical in providing a full H&P presentation and A-Medicare aims to simplify this formal documentation process to help health care professionals communicate more efficiently and effectively.

Mouse over the Medical History Snapshot above to see highlight notes*

The little things that count.

Interface navigation directly affects how providers use a tool in their everyday practice, having a significant impact on patient safety, clinic operations, and burnout. A cluttered interface or a complex medication list is the result of an EHR product that is not properly designed or optimized. Realizing that clinicians also jump from patient to patient and the extensive note taking that coincides with all those patience, it’s common for this to cause cognitive burden.

A-Medicare addresses this by incorporating not just an assistive AI system, but one that's autonomous, enabling disease detection in primary care that would typically involve specialists. Our algorithms are developed with insights from leading medical experts and are based on existing clinical practice guidelines. Our deep learning-based detectors search for the same signs of disease as a clinician, so it can be easily understood how the AI came to its decision.

Worried if A-Medicare will work with your system? Don't be.

We understand that data management of various departments in EHR is a difficult, expensive problem to solve at scale. That's why we constantly seek partnerships with more and more EHR vendors beyond just the most popular to structure our learning models that power our A.I. algorithms.

Support for HL7
(v2, v3, CDA, FHIR)

Single Sign On (Oauth2)

Quick integration through SMART on FHIR

Easy Patient Enrollment

Beyond EHR integration

The A-Medicare platform is capable of doing more than simply allowing clinicians to look more meaningfully at patient data when it comes to their current medications and specific conditions, it can also provide conveniences for health care providers in other aspects of the patient care process that have yet to be improved by A.I. technology and is eager to help HCOs and their clinicians address their unique deficiencies. Please reach out and let us know how we might be able to use our technology to better serve you and your needs.

Blockchain Technology

Protected in blockchain,
defended by blockchain.

A commitment to your health and privacy. 

A-Medicare embraces bionics and biometrics for cryptographically secure Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and blockchain technologies to secure distributed ledger technologies (DLT) transactions. 

Data from various A-Medicare processes and other third-party sources public and private (with prior smart contracts) are collected into a secure Data Warehouse. Thousands of machine learning algorithms are created by A-Medicare Data and Machine Learning Scientists and published in a user-friendly interface accessible by authorized subscribers, researchers, doctors, and other participants.

Blockchain transparency applied to health insurance claims

A-Medicare aims to develop a process that will enable the benefits of transparency in counteracting fraud while preserving the privacy of doctor-patient privilege. Alternatively, a fraud early warning system using deep learning algorithms to detect and prevent improper practices & procedures to thwart the proceeding of fraudulent medical exams, unnecessary testing, over-prescription medication, and over-billing.

Everyone shares the burden of health care fraud.

In 2018, $3.6 trillion was spent on health care in the United States, representing billions health insurance claims. It is an undisputed reality that some of these claims are fraudulent. Although they constitute only a small fraction, those fraudulent claims carry a very high price tag, both financially and in how they impact our perception of the integrity and value of our health care system.


The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA) estimates that the financial losses due to health care fraud are in the tens of billions of dollars each year. A conservative estimate is 3% of total health care expenditures, while some government and law enforcement agencies place the loss as high as 10% of our annual health outlay, which could mean more than $300 billion.


A-Medicare implements the cybersecurity CIA triad of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. CIA protects patient's PII, PHI, diagnostics, insurance, and financial data and make this data available only when needed. Learn more about A-Medicare's security measures to ensure cybercriminals are put to rest and your data remains safe by clicking the link below.

AMED Coin & AMED Token

A Great America
needs great healthcare.

World global superpower with areas of 3rd world healthcare?

It felt like a tragedy to see parts of our own great nation having some entire states filled with areas having anywhere between 10% to more than 25% of its population living without health insurance. As of the 2020 consensus, approximately 28 million people were uninsured, having no health coverage, making up 8.6% of the population. The tragedy of that disparity is why A-Medicare seeks to help the country and the government eliminate those statistics by creating a platform that makes it make it more accessible and more affordable without spending more US taxpayer dollars.

Growing rates, growing need for tax payer dollars for health programs.

With an increase in those subscribed to public health insurance plans that seems to correlate with the decrease in the number of those with private insurance plans, there's major concerns on how the government will recover from the financial strain caused by the pandemic. Considering that many lost their jobs and employer-based insurance benefits, we expected the number of those on public health plans to continue to rise, and it did.  

The A-Medicare Solution

With A-Medicare, government spending on public health programs can be reduced and healthcare coverage of individuals will increase. Furthermore, it’s scalable! By introducing an unorthodox method of revenue generation that is redistributed to the user in the form of crypto, users will be able to use that crypto to reduce or even pay their entire health care premium and that reduction won’t require more government spending (AKA tax payer dollars), won’t reduce doctors’/HCOs/Insurance companies’ compensation, and can be applied world wide.

A-Medicare reduces consumer costs while preserving industry margins.

In general, cutting costs or reducing prices results in lower sales numbers and lower revenue generated by the seller. With A-Medicare's patent-pending process, which doesn't reduce cost by reducing prices from the seller and instead acts more like a redistribution of advertiser payments that is applied as a reward credit to reduce the cost of the user, it allows the healthcare industry to maintain its "selling prices", preserving the amount of revenue they generate, and offers A-Medicare users a new and reduced price for the same level of high quality service.

Pay for healthcare using A-Medicare

A-Medicare users have a number of ways to generate rewards that reduce their healthcare cost & spending, some examples of which include:

Direct Earnings Through Viewing & Interacting with Targeted Ads - Rewarding Behavior

A-Medicare advertisement pop-up dialogs are triggered and presented to the web service and Smartphone clients according to the user's likes, postings, profiles, words, phrases, health information, and the device location. These insights or outcomes, a result of custom designed machine learning algorithms that learn accurate and deep intuitive understanding of the user, are extracted from a singular data warehouse, blockchain database, and other public records. Using modern libraries such as react.js, the client application displays a custom advertisement pop-up dialog according to the user insights. Pop-up dialogs are designed to be less intrusive so it will not affect or block content that the user is reading.

By clicking the advertisement pop-up dialog, A-Medicare awards portion of the advertisement revenue back to the user as A-Medicare cryptocurrency token. The number of seconds and minutes that the user spent and the type of content that the user is interested on the advertiser's corporate website will be collected and stored into the Data Warehouse for later insights.

Rewards Based on Healthcare Usage - Rewarding Behavior

Special programs can be developed to award A-Medicare subscribers who practice healthy lifestyles. Cryptocurrency tokens can be awarded to this group of patients or subscribers who have limited use of hospital stays and doctor's visits. The same group of users can share, if desired, their tokens to patients who badly need financial support for their surgeries, operations, and other medical needs such as home health.

Arising Market Competition - Lowering Rates

Competition leads further to cooperation, partnership, and joint research developing better drugs, medical devices, accurate care, and other technologies. Competing products can drive down the price of those products and can apply to drugs, medical services, and other healthcare goods and services without compromising quality care. By prior agreement with competing entities, A-Medicare published information shared to competing healthcare actors can speed up care, accurate use of drugs, validation of peer-to-peer medical journal, and identification of potential diseases such as novel viruses and the best tools for contact tracing.

Recycling of Medical Devices, Surplus Tokens, and Unused Drugs - Rewarding Behavior

Personal medical devices such as walkers, oxygen tanks, that are in perfect condition are encouraged for reuse to patients in need. This will eliminate unnecessary trash as well as help for the environment and climate change. Patients, subscribers, and other online users who have surplus A-Medicare tokens are encouraged to voluntarily awards tokens to be used by patients who have insufficient tokens for necessary procedures. Unused and unexpired prescription drugs can be authorized by A-Medicare doctors for use by patients especially in times of inventory stock crisis such as experienced during periods of the pandemic.

Good Samaritan Rewards - Gifted Donations

A-Medicare's 'after the fact' insurance type payments absorbs the cost and fund a patient's surgery procedure. A-Medicare initially fund the cost while getting funds from people like good-hearted subscribers, philanthropists, as well as users with surplus tokens wanting to share to patients. For their good Samaritan gesture, they're awarded with additional tokens.

Interest Earnings - Staked Tokens & Coins

Users who take an interest in the cryptocurrency market are able to earn an interest on their deposited and held cryptocurrency using the A-Medicare X platform. With the potential to earn up to 10% interest annually, some users will be able to earn enough interest to cover their health insurance premium entirely (depending on the amount deposited and interest tier program applied).

A-Medicare Crypto

The first crypto ever created to help reduce government spending,
modernize the worldwide healthcare ecosystem,
and has the potential for adoption as a fiat currency by any country.

AMED Token - "AMED-T"

AMED-T, also known as the AMED Token, is a stable coin and is pegged against the the US Dollar. Rather than risk being susceptible to high volatility where fluctuations in value can have serious adverse effects, AMED-T is similar to other "stable coins" (i.e. USD Coin, Tether, Dai, etc.) and is not as subject to the volatility of the crypto market as other coins because they are backed by a reserve asset. In this case, one US Dollar is equal to 1 AMED-T or:

$1.00 US = 1x AMED-T

AMED-T is projected to be adopted worldwide for any type of transaction both medical and non-medical. It's real-world utility and application that will be further supported by A-Medicare's rewards platform where user-earned rewards from the Healthcare Cost Reduction Opportunities are reflected through the transfer of AMED-T or AMED-C.

AMED Coin - "AMED-C"

AMED-C, also known as the AMED Coin will be a value driven coin whose market price will be determined by market participants, supply, and demand. It will be the primary form of payment tracking for the distribution of A-Medicare rewards on the A-Medicare platform.

It represents the digital tracking of users that choose to earn rewards using just their free time and offers an opportunity for any individual willing to participate to reduce their healthcare bill and in some cases, even cover the entirety of their monthly premiums.

Some restrictions may apply and are subject to local jurisdisctions. AMED-C has the potential and capability for adoption as a form of currency


Modernization of Healthcare

The A-Medicare cryptocurrencies are projected to be the most used and adopted crypto by everyday users, financial institutions and by major markets worldwide. They can be used for all kinds of transactions, providing fast payments and effectively offer an experience similar to spending money through a regular credit or debit card. Users have an option to hold the coins and earn an interest on those holdings through a process called staking and, will find that it will offer much better interest rates and higher daily returns greater than any traditional bank on the planet. Both AMED crypto are going to be the only cryptocurrency allowed for making crypto transactions on the A-Medicare platform.*

*The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice, and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. We do not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Nothing on this website should be taken as an offer to buy, sell or hold a cryptocurrency. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisory before making any investment decision. We do not accept any responsibility and will not be liable for the investment decisions you make based on the information provided on the website.

In case you may have missed it:

The A-Medicare platform will be available on Android, iOS, and most major operating systems either through a web browser or native app. It is currently still under development and access is limited to developers and testers at this time. If you would like to be notified of A-Medicare’s official launch, please use the form found here to subscribe to our email list of updates.

The A-Medicare platform is projected to launch its beta phase later this year, in 2022. Official public release and launch of the platform will be dependent on a number of factors which include system performance during beta testing and feedback responses received during testing. To learn more about what beta testing is, check out this article. If you’re interested in contributing as a beta tester, please subscribe to company updates here and checkmark the box indicating interest then await our announcement of the open beta testing enrollment period or revisit the website to check our latest published news.

The cost of using the A-Medicare platform will be a free for individuals looking to receive/purchase health care services. Healthcare services and health plans will vary by provider and depend on your own personal circumstances.

For HCOs, Brokers, and all other potential business clients, please contact us for a personalized consultation, quote or for more information.

No, A-Medicare is NOT an insurance company. We are a software company that found a way to bring cleverly  together different industries so that all can benefit. It is the true definition of synergy. We offer an only accessible platform that can help direct you to an licensed insurance broker/provider.

Check out our FAQ’s page to see if an answer is there, subscribe for updates, or feel free to reach out!

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