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A-Medicare X & A-Medicare Wallets

Please be advised. This page highlights the planned features for unreleased software and may be subject to change without notice.

A-Medicare X

"A-Medicare X" is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that comes with an innovative mobile application and a next-generation A-Medicare debit card in-store, which allows users to buy, spend money, store, and exchange a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies effortlessly.

Not a Bank, but Better.

A-Medicare X isn't a bank. We are going to do things banks can only dream of, like super-fast, convenient and secure ways to move money, all on one innovative app and much more. 

The MX Account

The A-Medicare X platform is going to be easy to use and extremely beneficial for its users. With A-Medicare X, the platform is able to connect to a wallet being used on the A-Medicare medical platform.  Once connected, it's going to offer an extremely competitive investment wallet called "MX" (interests' wallet) for both AMEDT and AMEDC. 

A-Medicare Wallets

On the app or computer users will have the ability to use their online wallet and chose the currency they would like to use converted in AMEDT and AMEDC.  Also users can convert FIAT and other cryptos into AMEDT and AMEDC into their A-Medicare wallets in order to receive higher interests 10% annually with weekly payouts that can be moved from the MX interest account into the AMED wallet whatever transaction.  

AMED wallet "transfer" to MX account to earn interests

  • AMEDT 8% (annual interests) and AMEDC 10% (annual interests) with weekly payouts for both crypto.
  • The funds can be moved at anytime.
  • Extra 2% bonus on both crypto when users keep funds into the MX account for 12 months.
  • The user will be able to see their daily interests and access the interests after 7 days cycle.
  • Users can keep staking the money and make more interests. 

Easy & Convenient

Users will have the ability to use their debit A-Medicare card (Mastercard or Visa) like a regular debit card for any transaction.


They're going to be able to use the AMEDT and AMEDC with their debit card where it will instantly pay at the current AMEDC market price in any currency selected into the user's account.


Users will also be able to earn Crypto back, with rewards Up to 2% back in AMEDC on in-store and online purchases, exclusive merchant offers deals and savings at their favorite shops, hotels and restaurants. 


Flexible and Rewarding

Flexible pricing: Our pricing plans give anyone the opportunity to benefit from using A-Medicare crypto, regardless of their financial worth. And because Crypto Back and Refer-a-Friend rewards pay out in AMEDC, you get closer to paying for all of your healthcare costs every time you use your A-Medicare card or one of your referrals takes advantage of the amazing opportunity!


As an added bonus, users can choose between 3 Tiers for an even higher percentage of reward earnings (A-Medicare coin / AMEDC) on their debit card in-store and online purchases. See below for more info.

Reward Tiers

DeFI Designed For You in Mind

Earn + Exchange + Store

A-Medicare wallet

The A-Medicare Wallet is an innovative keyless non-custodial crypto wallet for storing and earning rewards to your crypto assets and NFTs.

Swap cross-chain

  • Effortlessly swap DeFi tokens across different blockchains, directly from your A-Medicare Wallet.
  • Enjoy in-built support for multiple blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana with more to come.
  • Losing out to high gas fees? Swap to a different blockchain to maximise earning potential with zero fuss.

Never be locked out again:

Unlike typical non-custodial wallets, the A-Medicare Wallet operates a keyless entry system which requires your face or fingerprint - that means no private keys to misplace and no complex seed phrases to forget.

Direct access to DeFi

The A-Medicare Wallet brings the world of DeFi right to you palm. Use it to connect directly to dapps and DeFi protocols and unlock high-yield earning power!

Stay Secure

  • Safety first. Keyless entry, next-gen security.
  • Stop fraudsters in their tracks and ensure you're the only one getting in thanks to advanced SMPC encryption.
  • Device gone missing? Don't despair - your wallet can be recovered using biometric back-up.

Store and Send

  • Take complete control of your cryptocurrencies.
  • Manage more than 100 coins, including BTC, ETH, MDT, MDC and a huge range of ERC20 tokens.
  • Transfer your crypto to external wallets and Dapps with ease, or store it in your A-Medicare Wallet for peace of mind.


  • Unlock high-yield DeFi earning power.
  • Access up to 25%+ APY interest with direct connection to AMEDC and Compound.
  • Assume ultimate control of staking and rewards. Who said only high rollers can benefit from DeFi?

Access DApps and NFTs

  • Connect to DeFi web applications quickly and easily via Wallet Connect.
  • Explore DeFi and NFTs safely with sophisticated security and anti-fraud protection.
  • Enjoy a higher degree of protection than browser-based wallets.

Make the most of multiple different blockchains

The A-Medicare Wallet supports multiple blockchains, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. Losing out to high gas fees? Simply switch to a different chain!

How to open an
A-Medicare Wallet

Get your A-Medicare Wallet up and running in just a few steps.

1. Download the A-Medicare Wallet app.


2. Create an account - all you need is an email address.


3. Check your emails for a verification code and enter it when prompted.


4. Create a PIN and/or register your biometrics (face or fingerprint).


5. Back up your account using biometrics or a QR code by going to Profile then Account recovery.


Please note: you will need to do this before you can make any transactions.

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