A-Medicare Pledges 30% of Company Resources to 3D Modeling of Novel Viruses, Building Direct Interactive Government/Citizen System, Performing Contact Tracing, and Mapping Spread Patterns

By iCare

LAS VEGASApril 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A.I. Care Holdings CEO Enzo Zelocchi recently announced a new initiative for his A-Medicare platform, pledging 30% of all resources to fight future pandemics, including a new advanced satellite system to track new outbreaks, and pattern recognition software able to effectively alert the government and population for a faster and more effective containment and supplies response.

Mr. Zelocchi, “We have been learning a lot from the Covid-19 Virus. We are already working towards a new system to protect and save millions of lives for the next big challenges that humanity will have to face. Our Government is doing a good job fighting the Covid-19 virus and all the right steps and precautions for this stage have been taken. Now is the time to stay united and wisely think about the future in order to fight new invisible enemies promptly from whatever direction they are coming, both domestically or internationally. We need to be ready as soon as possible: the time is now. When the next novel virus reaches our shores,” Zelocchi adds, “we should be armed and ready. A-Medicare is positioning for a significant partnership and a leading edge in future engagements. We will strike to win.”


A-Medicare aims to become an active element in every citizen’s life and to revolutionize the entire healthcare system, by keeping in heart the best interests of the citizens and the United States of America and by using advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies to deliver new life changing solutions in healthcare.

This includes, but is not limited to, health insurance and personal healthcare choices. The platform would also provide an online portal for making informed decisions in both local and nonlocal options for medical care.  While extracting data for performative enhancements in delivery and by drastically cutting costs, the A-Medicare platform is also geared to put the market into deep competition.

Zelocchi adds, “We are working day and night to transform a big issue like healthcare into one of the biggest strategic assets in the history of the United States and to generate revenues that can be reinvested into education, erasing students’ debts, fighting poverty, and much more! That’s my dream. Every human deserves a real chance to succeed at life.”

Zelocchi envisions A-Medicare as an ideal platform for the integration of public and private sector partnerships in the healthcare sphere. A.I. Care Holdings is consistently developing and optimizing with the most updated technologies. A Unified countrywide platform that offers healthcare and related services by creating an ever-evolving and growing digital-medical services conglomerate informed by the company’s mission is to engage in its signature three-pillared approach to deliver savings and convenience while providing healthcare to the sick.


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