Popular Italian-American Immigrant Producer and Entrepreneur Enzo Zelocchi Announces: ‘I Have a Workable Solution for America’s Healthcare Crisis: A-Medicare’

LAS VEGAS , Nov. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Actor, producer and businessman Enzo Zelocchi recently announced he had solved America’s healthcare crisis with the upcoming launch of a free-to-use platform called A-Medicare (https://www .a-medicare.com/). A-Medicare is a universal health care system that creates affordable healthcare while also providing multiple services by leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to deliver 21st century solutions to the healthcare dilemma. Zelocchi has already built a grassroots movement in support of the project, with nearly 500,000 views of the platform’s inaugural promotional video and over 15-million views of his declaration-of-intent statement.

“One idea can change everything,” said Zelocchi. “I’ve been working on this while, having been completely heartbroken over the daily horror stories I’ve heard of people struggling to live with little to no healthcare, here in the richest country in the world. It’s an enormous, epic problem, and an ongoing human rights nightmare. That’s why I developed A-Medicare. It solves multiple problems at once, and we are ready to advance it to the next level: to deliver healthcare with the love and compassion currently lacking in today’s market.”


The Three Pillared Solution for Controlled Costs

Utilizing a robust digital rewards model that is virtually impossible to cheat, participants on the platform are incentivized to live healthy lives, securing credits that can then be used to purchase healthcare services from the A-Medicare healthcare exchange. More than just an exchange though, A-Medicare delivers a wide variety of healthcare services across the spectrum, including patient and provider education, access to prescriptions and pharmacies, as well as detailed dietary information. The platform is supported by an ads-based revenue model that can ensure lower costs for both patients and the government.


A-Medicare’s central platform technology is undergirded by thee equal pillars:

  • Machine Learning: A complex series of ever-evolving algorithms that can solve problems like organ-matching in a wide population, greatly assisting the efforts of UNOS and Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs). Machine learning assists with other medical-related tasks as well, including deep-learning techniques and categorization technologies that can faster and more accurately read X-rays, MRIs and CT scans, improving overall patient outcomes and ultimately reducing costs.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Assists with multiple medical-related issues like genetic medical diagnoses and personalized digital health plans. AI works in tandem with machine learning to grow and expand with each patient, serving them across the totality of their health history and throughout their lives.
  • Blockchain Technology: Blockchain solutions that store and secure millions of personal medical records, histories and medical documentation; with in-place provisions for appointment seeking, medical practitioner communications and streamlined flows of medical diagnostics. Blockchains ensure security while also giving the FDA checks and balances over the database to screen for improper medical exams, tests, over-prescribing and other abuses.


AI Care Holdings will begin rolling out future informative releases regarding A-Medicare, in addition to a nationwide, social-media-supported ad campaign in the coming months.


Interested parties, as well as healthcare agencies, media and investors are welcome to contact Enzo Zelocchi directly with questions.


About AI Care Holdings

AI Holdings is a universal healthcare company that creates affordable healthcare via its proprietary platform, A-Medicare. Headquartered in Nevada , the company aims to create a unified countrywide platform that offers healthcare and related services by creating an ever-evolving and growing digital medical services aggregate. The company’s mission is to engage in its signature three-pillared approach to deliver savings and convenience while providing healthcare to the sick. To learn more, please visit: www.A-Medicare.com.

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