A-Medicare Represents Competitive Solution to Elizabeth Warren’s Healthcare Plan that Could Maximize Trump Care: Reliably Generate Profits for U.S.

By iCare

A-Medicare represents disruption for “Big Pharma,” says A-Medicare founder.

LAS VEGASNov. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Enzo Zelocchi, founder of A-Medicare (https://www.a-medicare.com/), believes no one who is paying attention can deny that healthcare in the United States is already broken. Universal healthcare is at once the single biggest fiscal and human rights crisis we face in the country. A crisis for our own citizens. Read on for what Zelocchi considers a realistic appraisal of this most appalling problem and a reality-based solution.

Here are some of the proofs: In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in medical tourism: jetsetters from upper middle-class families planning a vacation for the sake of receiving a medical or dental procedure in another country. In Mexico or Singapore or wherever in order to avoid high deductibles.


People do this because it is sometimes possible to receive high-quality care elsewhere at such a bargain rate that even after airfare and hotel accommodations, people still save money compared to getting the same services in the United States.

And sadly this portrays a best-case scenario that plays out only for the privileged few.

For lower middle-class and working-class families, medical tourism usually isn’t an option. Sometimes people go without care when any expensive medical procedure is badly needed but the consequences of skipping it might not prove fatal.

And sometimes it is even worse. Consider the case of 27-year-old Josh Wilkerson, who died after taking an inferior over-the-counter insulin pill to control his diabetes at a lower cost. It’s one story of many that fit a particularly sad theme.

“Everybody knows this should not be happening for hardworking average citizens in a great and prosperous nation,” says A-Medicare’s founder. “We know the scope of the problem, but who is stepping up to solve it?”

Most public policy ideas on offer so far fail to be realistic with the numbers, in Zelocchi’s estimation, and fail to be strategic at a level that leverages rather than alienates our biggest and most successful corporations. “They also fail,” he adds, “to see the leading edge of future technologies to solve human problems.”

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are both good people but with an out-of-focus view,” Zelocchi claims, “putting forward plans that, however well-meaning, would be crippling to the US economy long-term.

“With this way of old thinking America could face an economic catastrophe that could affect us all for generations to come. The key solution of A-Medicare is to transform a problem into a strategic asset, to generate revenues and new opportunities for the American people.”

“Trump’s plan starts from a more enterprising place than the others in terms of business acumen,” Zelocchi claims, “and goes in the right direction… but it gets only maybe 30 percent of the way to a complete solution. A great and prosperous nation needs a 100 percent solution to this healthcare crisis, a solution that creates more advantages for the American people.”

With the added observation that Amazon and Google are both poised and vying for position to enter the healthcare market, there may never be a better time than right now to find a technologically empowered free-market solution to America’s healthcare crisis.

Big data, A-Medicare’s founder believes, can be the right partner in effective solutions.

Enter A-Medicare, Zelocchi’s Nevada-based startup, a high-tech solution put forward strategically at this crucial moment to synchronize private interests with the public good through leveraging advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, next-generation computer learning systems, and blockchain technologies to make healthcare in America both affordable and profitable.

“Some of the big players will not like this at all. In fact, some of them will hate us,” Zelocchi concedes. “And that is OK. To quote Jim Morrison of The Doors, ‘They have the guns, but we have the numbers.'”

“My mindset is to always listen first, have a constructive dialogue with anyone and agree to disagree sometimes but I always provide what’s the best option inside my heart. It’s also important to understand and analyze the thinking process of your opponent and have enough intel for a successful strike and allow yourself to lose some battles in order to win the war.”

“My policy is to never negotiate with a terrorist,” says the A-Medicare founder, “in this case, a moral terrorist that makes huge profits on people’s sickness and pain — both physical and mental and collateral damages to the families of the sick, as well.”

“A-Medicare’s system will force them to comply,” Zelocchi continues, “leaving them no way out and nicely pushing them in the right direction — to make profits more from releasing cures for a reasonable price, rather than keeping people sick to profit on merely palliative treatments.”

“Consider that our healthcare plan and its high-tech portal will achieve the most desired outcome of millions of deserving Americans,” he adds. “Affordable healthcare delivered intelligently without putting legitimate insurance providers out of business.”


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