Italian-American Producer, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Enzo Zelocchi Announces Premiere of A-Medicare: ‘Fixing Once and for All the Dramatic Problem of Healthcare in the U.S. Could Determine the Next President in Upcoming 2020 Election’

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A solution that could revolutionize the entire healthcare industry and become one of the greatest strategic assets in U.S. history by reducing cost and generating revenues; reinvesting directly to the American people, or doubling the revenues for private companies with a strong subscriber base (example:

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Actor and social entrepreneur Enzo Zelocchi’s A-Medicare ( project represents a competitive and innovative free-market approach that will improve affordability and access to healthcare for middle-class and working-class Americans, while simultaneously improving cost controls for government and effectively approaching a universal healthcare solution without an increased tax burden. A-Medicare is a high-tech startup that leverages advanced data analytics, blockchain and computer learning models to create an unprecedented opportunity for delivery of healthcare products and services to millions of deserving Americans.


“I got started down this path of research when writing the ‘My Little Princess’ film, released in 2010,” said Zelocchi. “Considering the plight of a father whose daughter has terminal cancer, I had to take a close look at what the options are like for real people in similar situations. It broke my heart. After that, I saw Michael Moore’s documentary ‘Sicko’ (a documentary comparing the highly profitable American health care industry to other nations) where a man has to decide which of his two fingers cut off in an accident the hospital will save — based upon the surgery costs of $12,000 to reattach the ring finger and $60,000 for the middle finger. A totally insane and horrible situation to me. It made me sick to think in terms of what people face. And about three years ago, I attended a Creative Artists Agency event, with Morgan Freeman in attendance, as he narrated an important documentary ‘The C Word’ touching on many of the same outrageous problems. It’s a documentary about the industries of death that give us cancer, and the unheralded science of prevention.”


“Since I’ve become aware of the true crisis in American healthcare,” Zelocchi continued, “I have not stopped thinking about how I can contribute to the solution. I don’t want to be a politician, but a fix for the healthcare crisis in this country, with a willingness to embrace a real solution that could very well determine the outcome of the 2020 election. People say it is impossible to fix the terrible state of healthcare affordability and access in the greatest nation on Earth. I say: bring it on. I see a problem in need of a solution. And the technology to empower this solution already exists and can develop even more.”


A-Medicare creates affordable healthcare and provides programs and solutions operating both globally and locally, using machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology delivered seamlessly to end users via an advertising-supported platform portal.


“Micro-transactions based on tiny percentages and next generation advertising completely lift any cost burdens from the shoulders of the average citizen, while delivering tremendous competitive value by putting the market into deep competition,” Zelocchi said. “This solution is going to make an important mark in the history books.”


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A.I. Holdings is a universal healthcare company that creates affordable healthcare via its proprietary platform, A-Medicare. Headquartered in Nevada, the company aims to create a unified countrywide platform that offers healthcare and related services by creating an ever evolving and growing digital-medical services aggregate. The company’s mission is to engage in its signature three-pillared approach to deliver savings and convenience while providing healthcare to the sick. To learn more, please visit:


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